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Clicking on Users in the left hand admin menu or hovering over Users then on the flyout menu clicking on All Users will show you a list of the Users registered on your WordPress website.

Above the main list of Users you will see links that enable you to filter the list of Users based on their User Roles. The numbers indicate how many Users have that particular Role.

Hovering your cursor over each User in the list will reveal the links Edit | Delete underneath the Username allowing you to Edit a Users’ profile, or remove it entirely. Remember you cannot delete the User your are currently logged in as.

Your can also perform actions across multiple Users by ticking them, then either using the Bulk Actions dropdown and clicking Apply, or change the selected Users Roles using the dropdown of User Roles then clicking the Change button.

WordPress User Roles

Every User on a WordPress website is assigned a Role. The Role a user has defines what they can and can’t do on the website once logged in.

By default WordPress comes with five Roles defined already. When a WordPress site is first installed the first User created will have the Administrator Role, so is allowed to change everything to do with the website.

  • Administrator – Users with this Role have access to all administration settings
  • Editor – Users with this Role can publish Posts and Pages as well as manage and Publish other users’ Posts and Pages
  • Author – Users with this Role can publish their own Posts and Pages
  • Contributor – Users with this Role can create their own Posts and Pages but can’t Publish them
  • Subscriber – Users with this Role can only manage their profile

There is one other Role when running multiple sites from a single WordPress installation. The Super Admin Role gives access to the entire network administration settings.


Plugins are able to add new User Roles to WordPress, so you may see more Roles than the default set.

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