Adding a new User in WordPress

There are a couple of ways to get to the Add New User screen.

In the top bar hover over the + New link, and in the dropdown click on User.

Or in the left hand admin menu click on Users then Add New. Alternatively hover over Users and click Add New on the flyout menu that appears.


Enter a unique username for the new user. The new user will be able to use this or their email address to login to your website. Once set the username cannot be changed easily.


Carefully type or paste in the users email address. An email will be automatically sent to the new user about their user account.

First Name

Enter the first name of the new user.

Last Name

Enter the last name of the new user.


If the user has a website enter a url here; e.g.


A complex password is automatically generated, click on Show password to view or change it.

Send User Notification

When the checkbox is ticked an email is automatically sent to the new users email account containing a link for them to set their password to one of their choosing.


Select the Role the new user will have on your website. The standard setting for new users is ‘Subscriber’.

Click on the Add New User button to save the new user and send the user notification email (if checked).


Plugins and Themes may add additional fields.

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