Web design for Chichester Orthopaedic Consultant

Web design for Chichester Orthopaedic Consultant

Although the Chichester based surgeon already had an existing website it really wasn’t working for him. The existing site was built using the Joomla content management system. For those that don’t know about it; Joomla is a very capable open source system powering many different kinds of websites. But because the system is so powerful and flexible getting to grips with the backend can be quite a steep learning curve for the average website owner who wants to manage their own content.

Simple WordPress web design for Chichester.

For this client we decided that the best system to use would be WordPress. There are probably not many people who haven’t heard of WordPress – but for those who haven’t then WordPress originally started as a platform for blogging (you’re reading a blog right now). But from its humble beginnings it’s grown to become a powerful content management system that’s used for all kinds of websites including simple e-commerce.

Easy to use Content Management System.

What we like about WordPress is the relatively simple backend. For many users it only takes a few minutes for them to get the hang of editing the content of their websites.

Extendable Chichester Websites.

As the owners’ requirements change for their websites the beauty of WordPress is the ease that new functions can be added. And by keeping the content separate from the design means trying new layouts and colour scheme is a much easier task.

Simple WordPress Theme.

For this website the typical user is likely to be aged 50-65, so we opted to use a simple two column layout with all of the websites’ content clearly visible – this makes getting around the website easy.

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