Web design for Camping site business

Web design for Camping site business

The owner of the Surrey based campsite Long Acres Camping contacted us asking if we could redesign their website to overcome some issues they had with their existing website.

Faster page loading.

One of the major concerns the owner had of their existing website was the length of time it took to display the main page, he’d recorded times ranging from 20 seconds to nearly a minute of waiting!

The existing website was constructed entirely using Flash. While there are some great Flash based websites around they nearly all suffer from slow page load times. Use it wisely and Flash can add great interactivity and interest to a website – but in this case it wasn’t really adding anything to the overall design or performance.

Modern, open, easy to read web design.

Another area we were asked to improve was the small, constrained size of the website and to make the whole website more accessible with better use of colours and contrast.

We wanted to portray the feeling of open space and the outdoors, so while the colours are earthy and natural we kept the text areas light and easy to read. Using the full width of the screen for the top element helps to portray a sense of space.

A bold, simple logotype was also designed to compliment the new look website.

Naturally fast, search engine friendly websites.

While Flash is known for its problems associated with search engine optimisation (SEO) there’s no issues with the new website. Built for speed from the ground up and naturally search engine friendly we guarantee their new website will outperform the old site.

Simple content management system (CMS).

The owner was also becoming frustrated by high monthly hosting charges coupled with the high prices being charged for minor adjustments to their website.

The new website will help keep ongoing costs to a minimum by using a simple content management system. The websites owner can now edit the content easily and quickly using just a web browser. Amending prices and adding content as needed – without charge.

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Charlie Pilkington / Long Acres Camping and Caravanning Site

Really pleased with the site, had another call today about booking a pitch, they said how the site looked good and the camping site looked nice!
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Charlie Pilkington / Long Acres Camping and Caravanning Site

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