Website re-design for Surrey campsite

Website re-design for Surrey campsite

Originally Longacres caravan and camping contacted us having problems getting any traffic and business from their website, that was nearly two years ago, and we’re happy to report that they are getting a lot more interest and bookings via the website these days.

So after the success of our first website for Longacres, we were asked if we could re-design the site- but this time incorporating a full content management system so they could update the website with local events, place of interest, and generally grow the website themselves.

The new website is built using WordPress to handle to content management side of things, with a responsive, simple theme built to show all the camping site has to offer.

Philippa from Longacres got to grips with the admin side of things very quickly, adding in testimonials and altering things after just a few tutorials from ourselves. We look forward to seeing how the new website performs for the business.


We’ve since updated this website, read more about the updated version here.

Visit the live website

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