Inserting An Image Gallery In WordPress

WordPress has a built in image gallery that allows you to quickly add multiple images to a Page or Post.

  1. In your editing screen place your cursor where you’d like the Gallery to appear
  2. Click the editor_addmedia button
  3. Click Create Gallery in the left hand menu
  4. Click images to select them for your gallery Рa small tick will appear in the top right, choose from the Media Library or Upload Files to use new images
  5. Click Create a new gallery at the bottom right of the window
  6. Add Captions, reorder, remove, or add to the Gallery
  7. In the Gallery Settings, select the Links To, Columns, Random and Size*
  8. Click Insert Gallery


The best settings for your gallery will depend on your content and current Theme – begin with these settings
Links to Media File
Columns 3
Random Unchecked
Size Thumbnail

TRY editing your Gallery from the Post editing screen. Try removing an image from the Gallery and then adding in a new image.


The actual image sizes displayed in your gallery take their dimensions from the settings under;
Settings > Media

WordPress makes various sized images during the upload process (now you know what crunching means!)
Changing these figures only affects images uploaded after the setting is altered – it doesn’t affect previously uploaded images. Plugins are available to resize all previously uploaded images to reflect the new settings.

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