Website Design for Equine Gifts Business

Website Design for Equine Gifts Business

I was referred to Emma from Hooves and Love by Purple Tasche, they’d just completed a beautiful logo design for Emma and her next step was to get an e-commerce website designed and built.

Hooves and love supply beautifully presented gift sets for horse lovers; special treats for horses and their owners.

With such beautiful looking gift sets, and a nice logo to play with my job was made easier, so a simple palette of colours; black white and purple were used to design a simple, clean site. The e-commerce side of things is handled with the WooCommerce plugin.

From the word go Emma stated she had zero knowledge of websites, and was a little worried about the prospect of running one of her own. I like to get my clients introduced to their websites as soon as possible, so as soon as I had a working demo of the site I got Emma involved; logging in and making minor changes and adjustments. The idea is that by the time a site is ready to go live most clients are pretty comfortable with running things. Happily comments like ‘It’s not as scary as I thought it was going to be’ are commonplace.

Emma got to grips with WordPress very quickly; adjusting and adding new products, setting prices and uploading images.

I look forward to seeing how the business goes, and helping out further where I can.

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Emma / Hooves and Love

GDS Design were recommended to me when I was looking for someone to help build me a website for my start-up business. From the very first contact, Gary has been extremely helpful and given me lots of advice on where to start. One of the first things I remember saying to Gary was that I didn’t really know much about websites, I wasn’t particularly technical and didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted other than a website to be built. Gary gave me lots of ideas and really helped me decide which way I wanted to go. When it came to testing out my website, Gary held my hand and talked me through everything so I could fully understand the Admin side of it. I am very pleased with what he has built for me, and will continue to use GDS Design to develop my brand as and when needed in the future. I would thoroughly recommend GDS Design 🙂
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Emma / Hooves and Love

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