Website Design for Recruitment Business

Website Design for Recruitment Business

Alan approached me looking for help with launching his new business idea.

Miramar is about helping serving airline cabin crew away from their current roles and into new positions were their skillsets are valued.

Alan had a good idea of the wording he wanted on the website – but just needed a little help dividing it into distinct areas for the website. He was also looking for help with a logo design and branding.

Graphic designers Purple Tasche produced the logo whilst I set about dividing the supplied text into separate pages. WordPress was chosen to handle the content management side of things and I designed a clean simple looking theme to help display Alans content to its best.

Most of the website uses standard WordPress Pages with my new ‘flexible content’ template – so producing unique, easily managed layouts is pretty easy.

I look forward to seeing how the business (excuse the pun) takes off.

Visit the live website

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