Edit a Navigation Menu in WordPress

In this lesson we’ll edit an existing WordPress navigation menu.

Hover over the Appearance menu option in the left-hand navigation menu and in the fly-out menu, click the Menus link. Alternatively, click the Appearance menu option and then click the Menus link underneath.

Along the top of the menu pages you’ll see two tabs, Edit Menus and Manage Locations, you should already be on the Edit Menus tab.

If you have more than one menu created you’ll see a dropdown Select a menu to edit:, choose the menu you want to edit from the list, and click the select button.

The right-hand column Menu Structure will display the menu items for your selected menu, these match the menu items that appear on your website. Below this you’ll see Menu Settings which shows any Display location(s) that are set to use this menu.

In the left-hand column you’ll see a set of panels; Pages, Custom Links and Categories. Clicking the small arrow toggles the panel open and closed.


If you’d like to use Posts, Tags, or other items as menu items click on the Screen Options tab at the top of the screen, then tick any more panels you want to use.

Toggle open either the Pages or Categories panel, then tick the checkbox for items you want to add to your menu, next click the Add to Menu button.

These will now appear in the right-hand column, to change the order the menu items will appear hover your cursor over an item until the cursor changes to a four-pointed arrow, click  and drag the item to its new location before releasing.

You can also build multi-level dropdown menus, simply drag your menu item over a bit to the right. How this is displayed on the front of your website is down to the theme your website is using.

When you’re ready remember to click the blue Save Menu button at the top or bottom to save your changes.

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