Redesign and Updates for Fedant Website

Redesign and Updates for Fedant Website

Close to three years ago we helped Fedant redesign their website and bring about some improvements in the membership side of things.

Sam from Fedant recently contacted us asking for some additional functionality to be added to the website along with some suggestions for improving how the website is structured.

We took the opportunity to update the design of the website slightly, and designed a new WordPress ‘Page’ template to help organise the large number of pages into smaller areas. The new template works with the WordPress parent/child Page feature and helps to visualize which pages have more information beneath them.

In the previous version of the website the ‘Find a Registered Professional’ and ‘Check a Registration’ features were taking information from a separately maintained database – but this didn’t really support Fedants’ growing number of international registrants, and meant yet more maintenance. So we’ve done away with this, and designed a new methods for these two functions using the Google maps API and checking against the latitude and longitude of each registrant to find the nearest to any given location.

Fedant also wanted the ability to upload documents unique to each user; registration documents, certificates etc. The Customer Area plugin by MarvinLabs handles this pretty easily so was downloaded, customised a little, and added to the website.

We look forward to seeing how this latest version of Fedants website works for them over the next few years.

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