e-commerce website for Chichester horse feed business

e-commerce website for Chichester horse feed business

Equine Natural, based near Chichester in West Sussex, are a distributor of natural horse feed supplements. Their range of products are designed to help keep horses healthy, naturally.

From whole herbs, through to homeopathic treatments the entire range is 100% human food grade.

For the website we decided to keep to those natural earthy colours, beige and green, but went with a bright orange as a highlight colour just to make the call-to-action buttons clearer. Designed to be as simple and clear as possible, the new website is focuses primarily around the shop, where the entire range will be available for purchase, along with useful additional information about dosage rates, feeding tips etc.

A news/blog area will be used by the business’s owners to keep horse owners up to date with their latest products and seasonal guides for keeping horse healthy.

The website is built on a responsive layout, so will work just as well on phones etc. just in case someone needs to look up some product information from the stables!

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