Website redesign for Aston Yachts

Website redesign for Aston Yachts

Aston Yachts specialises in sourcing luxury motor yachts for its clients. Aston’ contacted us looking for a re-design for their website that would provide a more luxury feel to it.

Aston Yachts old website

One of the failings of the old website, which is a common problem with a lot of small websites, was the quantity of useful information. Buying a motor yacht is a complex and demanding task, so we asked Astons to write about all the tasks they perform whilst purchasing a motor yacht. Why? well it’s two-fold really, on one hand we want the website to provide useful information, perhaps someone is already part way through the process of purchasing a yacht and researching help. And the other reason is to provide enough relevant content so that the search engines, such as Google, index the site accordingly.

The new website uses a simple responsive layout and limits the colours to just black, white and gold. The site features a full screen background slide show and being built using WordPress means making adjustments to the site an easily accomplished task.

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