Web design for Golf Accessory business

Web design for Golf Accessory business

We were contacted by the businesses owners who’d found a great product and after securing exclusive rights were keen to start distributing in the UK.

Simple design.

When we first saw the machine in action we were amazed, the simplicity and elegance of the device is very impressive. It’s a simple device that you load up with golf balls and it feeds them to the tee automatically after each one is struck.

Web Video to demonstrate.

What sets AutoTee apart from it’s competition is it’s simplicity, it’s powered by gravity using just the weight of the golf balls to trigger the device. But you’ve got to see it working to really appreciate it, and for promotion using a website that means video.

Sussex video production company.

Video production company TMA1Media handled all of the stills and video work, including the scripting, shooting, editing, and post production. Their video clearly demonstrates this remarkable device in action.

Name, logo and web design for Chichester business.

GDS Web Design helped the partners decide on the name for the device and the design of the logo and website. Head over to AutoTee to see the new website. At present the businesses owners are finalising the pricing – but drop the an email on their contact form if you’re interested in purchasing one of their machines.

Real life web design for Chichester.

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