Redesign for Australian Sports Tips Website

Redesign for Australian Sports Tips Website

Gerard from contacted us after suffering a lot of technical problems with his membership site. The site uses a membership plugin called magic members, being so comprehensive in its settings makes it pretty tricky to get set up correctly.

Reading the Plays Old Website
Reading the Plays Old Website

Initially we were asked to go through everything, setting up, testing and generally trying to smooth out the registration and login process on the existing site. Reading feedback from users led us to conclude that the site really needed an overhaul; people were experiencing problems locating relevant content, so a complete redesign of the structure was called for.

Gerard agreed and a new website was designed, this time a little smarter in its construction, taking into account the level of membership a user has and adjusting certain messages to suit them. This is a custom WordPress theme – tightly integrated with the magic members plugin, allowing us greater flexibility in how the site works.


Due to business expansion we have since updated Reading The Play’s website to use a different membership system incorporating the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin. This allows us far greater control over the products, pricing and future growth. You can read more about the membership plugin here.

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