School Website Re-Design

School Website Re-Design

Claudia, the Head Teacher at St. Thomas’ Catholic Primary School contacted us asking if we could take a look at re-designing her schools’ website.

The existing website contained a wealth of information, but had become a little fragmented, with duplicate and occasionally conflicting information displayed. This is a common problem as websites grow, remembering where all the various bits of information live, and where files are linked from.

The old website of St.Thomas’

Using the schools emblem and uniform we selected a simple palette of colours and set about designing a new website for the School.

Working with Claudia we divided the existing content down into more meaningful areas, to help make finding information that much easier.

The school were already using a Google calendar to help organise the school day, so a plugin was added to display this information neatly on the website.

Built using WordPress, much of the site uses WordPress’ Pages for the content, the addition of a child page template makes navigation easier, and allows most navigation menu’s to be automatically created – which will help keep maintenance down as the site evolves.

We also added a private log In area for the governors and teachers, where articles can be submitted, conversations held etc.

The school recently commissioned a photographer for the day, so the new website has really benefitted from the new images.


Visit the live website

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