Tee Up Golf Balls
Automatically using just
gravity and the AutoTee machine.

Simple, robust solution.

The best solutions are often the simplest. AutoTee is a robust and affordable machine that automatically tees up golf balls.

No electricity needed.

AutoTee uses gravity for its power, meaning no electricity costs. With no electricity it means that AutoTee is incredibly safe and reliable in all weather conditions.

Reliable performance.

Because AutoTee is a such a simple device with few moving parts it's reliable with very low maintenance costs.

Improve your golf practice sessions.

Using AutoTee gives you more time practicing your golf swings - and less time teeing up balls.

Tees up golf balls automatically.

AutoTee is an automatic golf ball dispenser that's portable, easy to setup, robust and being powered by gravity means no electricity and no installation. Operating the machine is simple. Just fill the hopper with golf balls and AutoTee does the rest; automatically placing the first ball on the tee. After you've hit the ball AutoTee dispenses the next ball ready for your next swing.

Spend less time bending and more time practicing.

AutoTee eliminates the bending over associated with teeing up balls, and repositioning. AutoTee can help improve the golfers practice sessions by increasing the number of shots played in the same amount of time.

Practice your golf swing anywhere.

Because AutoTee uses no electricity and is so easily transported you can practice your golf swing almost anywhere. By Teaming up AutoTee with our practice net you can practice your golf swing in the smallest of spaces.

AutoTee at the driving range.

Golfers using AutoTee will use a bucket of balls up to three times faster, meaning either more buckets of balls or shorter driving range times.

Golf tutors.

Professional golf tutors can benefit from AutoTee - allowing them to teach without continually re-teeing balls.

More benefits of AutoTee.

  • Help develop precise rhythm and muscle motion memory.
  • Produce great results through repetition.
  • Fine tune the basics of swing dynamics.
  • Develop power, accuracy, and fluid accceleration.

photo of AutoTee the automatic golf ball delivery machine.

AutoTee is a robust automatic golf ball teeing up machine.

Simple to use and maintain.

Semi automatic model - just tap the lever to deliver the next ball.

AutoTee fits easily into an average sized hatchback boot.

Semi automatic model is just as easy to transport.

Ideal for instructing and golf driving ranges.