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In the left hand admin menu clicking on Posts or hovering over Posts then clicking All Posts on the flyout menu then will show you a list of all the Posts your WordPress website contains.

At the very top of the page you’ll see a Add New button next to ‘Posts’ – clicking this creates a new Post ready for editing.

Under this you see some links showing how many Posts in total are on your website, how many have been published by yourself or Published, Scheduled, Sticky, Pending, in Draft or in the Bin.

Under this you’ll find a Bulk Actions dropdown, so you can select posts in the list (by ticking the box next to the title) then selecting a Bulk Action in the dropdown and clicking the Apply button.

You can also filter the list of Posts shown by using the Dates and/or Categories dropdowns and clicking the Filter button.

Next is the list of Posts, each entry in the list shows the Post Title, Author, and which Categories and Tags are assigned to the Post. You’ll also see the number of comments each Post has and when it was first published.

Hovering over an item in the list reveals more links that appear under the Post title;
Edit | Quick Edit | Bin | View*

*If the Post isn’t published yet you will see Preview rather than View in the links.

  • Edit Opens the post for making changes, clicking the Title of the Post in list does the same thing.
  • Quick Edit Allows you to make minor adjustments to the post. Remember to click the Blue Update button to save your changes.
  • Bin Will move your post into the Bin.
  • View Jumps to that post on the frontend of your website – as your visitors see things.


Hover over a Post and click the Bin link to move it into the Bin. Where did it go?
Above the list of Posts click the Bin link – you should now see your Post. Now hover over your Post and click the Restore link. Click the All link and you should see you Post back again.

Bulk Actions

Next to the title of each Post in the list you’ll see a checkbox . You can use this to tick multiple Posts, then using the Bulk Actions dropdown select from Edit or Move to Bin then clicking the Apply button. If you use this to Edit multiple Posts you can make changes to the Categories of those selected Posts, add tags, change the Status (whether the posts are published etc.) and other small adjustments, remember to click the Update button to save your changes. Choosing the Move to Bin option will move all those Posts into the Bin.


Clicking on a Category name in the Post List will filter to show just Posts from that Category. You can also click on some of the headings at the top of list – sorting by Name or Date.

The Screen Options tab enables you to choose which information is displayed in the list, how many items to display on each page and whether to show an excerpt of the Posts content in the list.

If you have more posts on your website than the number set on the Screen Options Pagination – Number of items per page: setting then you’ll see links above the list over the right hand side to navigate to more posts.

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