Using a Page as your Homepage

By default the homepage of a WordPress website will look like a blog; displaying your Posts in reverse chronological order (latest to oldest). WordPress lets you change this and use any Page as your homepage instead.

The homepage of a website using the Twenty Sixteen theme displaying ‘Posts’

We’re going to need two Pages created, one will be our new homepage, the other will be a page that we’ll tell WordPress to display our Posts on, learn more about adding Pages.

  1. Create a Page and call it Blog, or News or something similar. Don’t add any content to the main text editor – as this is ignored. Publish the Page.
  2. Create another Page and call it Homepage or similar. Your Theme may have a special Page Template you can use on the homepage – so check your Theme’s documentation. Add your content in the usual way and Publish this Page.
  3. In the left hand menu go to Settings > Reading and change Your homepage displays to a static page, and in the dropdown Homepage: select the Page you previously created.
  4. Now set Posts Page: to the Page you created to display your Posts on.

Click the Save Changes button.

The Homepage: has been set, next select the Posts page:

If you now visit the homepage of your website you should see the Page you created instead of the Posts.

In the screenshot above I’ve added the ‘Blog’ page to the navigation menu.

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