Setting up Categories in WooCommerce

In the left hand admin menu click on Products then Categories. Alternatively hover over Products and click Categories on the flyout menu that appears.

If you already have some categories set up in your WooCommerce store you’ll see them listed over the right hand side of the screen.


Give your category a name.


WordPress will fill this in for you later automatically based on the Name you give your Category. This is actually how your category name is used in your url’s, for e.g. You can fill in your own ‘Slug’ if you wish to override the generated one.

Parent Category

Categories can contain other categories; they’re called subcategories or child categories, for example a category called ‘Homeware’ might have a subcategory ‘Kitchen’. If you have a category already set up then you can use the drop down box Parent Noneto select it; making the category you’re currently working on a subcategory of whatever you select.


Categories can have child categories, and those child categories can have child categories of their own! you can ‘nest’ categories as deeply as you need – but remember to structure your categories so they make sense to visitors to your websites.


Optional. Give your WooCommerce category a description. Depending on your current theme this may or may not be displayed when someone visits this particular category page.

Display Type

Use the dropdown, Display Type Standard to choose any of the following:

  • Standard using this setting this will make the category use whatever is set in the Customiser.
  • Products will mean that someone visiting your category page will see just products listed.
  • Subcategories means that visitors will only see subcategories.
  • Both means visitors will see subcategories and products listed.


The ‘Standard’ Setting

Setting this for some or all categories means they can all be controlled at once – without having to visit and edit their settings individually.

Head to Appearance > Customise in the left hand menu, then navigate to WooCommerce > Product Catalogue in the Customiser.

Look for the setting Category display, this will control how any categories you previously set to Standard will be displayed to visitors. After you changed this remember to click the blue Publish button.


Set an image to represent your category by clicking on the Upload/Add image button. Clicking this will open the media library window where you can choose from already uploaded images using the Media Library tab or upload a new one image on the Upload Files tab.

Click on your image to select it (a blue border and tick will appear) then click the blue button bottom right Use Image. This media library works the same as in Setting a Featured Image.

Click on the blue Add New Product Category button.

You’ll see your newly created Product Category appear over the right hand side of the screen.

Editing Product Categories

Your can edit and delete previously added Categories by hovering over them in the list over the right hand side until you see Edit | Quick Edit | Delete | View appear and clicking on Edit. Make any changes you need and click the blue Update button.

Above the list of your Categories you’ll see a Bulk Actions drop down, you can select multiple categories by checking them (clicking the select box on each) then using the selecting an action and clicking the Apply button.

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